Moutai Flying Fairy

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Moutai Flying Fairy

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378,00 / 756,00 per L

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The Moutai Flying Fairy, commonly known as the Moutai classic a traditional Chinese liquor called baijiu. It is an organic product produced in the Moutai town and the production process involves a unique fermentation and distillation process using locally sourced Sorghum, wheat and the water from Chishui river and it takes 5 years to produce one bottle.

Serving: Served neat at room temperature

Taste: Smooth and mellow taste with an umami flavor and lingering aroma

Aroma: Complex aroma, with a combination of herbal, fruity and nutty aromas


International High-Quality Trophy (1980): Moutai Flying Fairy won this award at the Wine and Spirit Competition held in Verona, Italy.

China’s Famous Brand (1997): Moutai Flying Fairy was recognized as a “Famous Brand” by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China.

Gold Medal at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (1915): Moutai Flying Fairy won a gold medal at this international event held in San Francisco.

Five-Star Diamond Award (2000): The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences presented Moutai Flying Fairy with the Five-Star Diamond Award.

Outstanding Product at the International Food Expo (2003): Moutai Flying Fairy was honored with the Outstanding Product award at the International Food Expo held in Kunming, China.

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